The Hyperion Cantos
A series written by Dan Simmons


The Fall of Hyperion


The Rise of Endymion

It is rare to find a series of books as imaginative, adventurous, and thought provoking as the Hyperion Cantos Series by Dan Simmons. In this series you explore worlds settled by humanity after the "Big Mistake of '08", as well as the Void Which Binds, orbital forests, and the Datasphere. You will become familiar with technologies such as the Hawking Drive, terraforming, deathwands, cryogenic fugue, Schrön loops, farcaster terminexes, the Gideon Drive, the fatline, and time entropy fields. You will meet the AI, the Ousters, the Shrike, and the Others. You will learn lessons from John Keats, Virgil, Ummon, Buddha, Aenea, and mankind's future epic poet Martin Silenus. You will realize failings of current organized religion and how these trappings could ultimately manifest themselves. You will become aware of the language of the dead, the language of the living, and the music of the spheres. You will finish the series wishing there was more, much more...

Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion stand alone very well as traditional Science Fiction adventure stories. However, if you are looking for more and wish to challenge your own thoughts of evolution, afterlife, and religion, make sure you read Endymion and The Rise of Endymion.

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"My only problem with this novel was that it ended." – J. Patton on Endymion


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