Sweet Home Chicago

Sitting here waiting, not knowing what to expect,
I already miss my "sweet home." I know it will still
be there in years to come, but life will be different,
inevitably for the better. My life was sweeter than
a Hershey's bar, my work more bitter than a pint of
stale ale, but how I enjoyed my life. Left behind
are friends, more like family than acquaintances. My
beloved Cubbies and their Wrigleyville domain won't
get through customs. The streets of the north side, and
their contrasting architecture can't be sighted in
Melbourne. I haven't been gone half a day, nor have I left
the shores of the free and the brave, yet I yearn for
the day when I return to my sweet home Chicago.


written by Chich, Chicago's Australian Poet Laureate


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