Ode to a Thief

He looks good!
Adjusting his gloves,
Peeking at his buttons,
Swinging with ease.
But he almost goes out,
alas he receives another look.
He loops it to the right,
where it descends to safety,
and Ricky is on.
Speed is his game, he
likes to run.  There he
goes!!!  Oh no he's
bluffing.  We want him
to go, to challenge all
before.  When will he
advance?  There are now
two down.  Have they reigns
on the great Ricky Henderson?
Now the commentators agree,
but still we wait, and Mr. Morgan
analyzes.  He lunges, it's close...
Of course he's safe.  And again,
Ricky runs!  He finally moves.
Piazza swings, he misses.
Ricky's on two, but to no avail.
The inning is complete.

written by Chich, Chicago's Australian Poet Laureate

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