Some of Gondwana Land

"I love a sunburnt country,"
big and broad, yet small and
close.  Its sandy beaches,
and crystal blue, torquoise and
white waters.  Yet its
forests are quite exquisite,
still to be explored.  The
deserts encompass the
continent, but surprises
lurk within.  The cities
vary, and each is different,
yet the people remain
the same, for they share
a common bond.  Its many
mysteries are still just
that.  The black fellas
look for answers as to
why, but the tides are
turning in their favour.
Independence, they seek,
independent autonomy
we seek, but when will
we have it?
I love my sunburnt
country, because it is
sunburnt country.


written by Chich, Chicago's Australian Poet Laureate

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